Our Story

In 2012 a group of guys came together looking for a creative way to host multiple events that would help donate to charity. The charity that we selected was Nephcure, a public charity established in 1999 to support research for FSGS and Nephrotic Syndrome. The first year we held a golf and fishing tournament and the next year we added a clay shooting tournament. Through our first 3 years we have managed to raise around $20,000, which in turn was donated to Nephcure.

In 2013, our organization selected a special little girl to be an honorary member of Baits, Balls & Clays. Miss Olivia is the face of our organization. Please read her story below, as it is very touching!

How Can You Help?

With your participation in these yearly events , you can help us raise money to find a cure for these kidney diseases. If you have any questions, want to join our organization and/or help donate to our cause, please click the informational links below. We are a 501(C)3 organization.

Our Family. Our Story.

My name is Olivia (far right), I’m 4 years old and I have a rare incurable kidney disease called FSGS. My twin sister and I were adopted into our family when we were little, now we have a Daddy and Mommy to love us, and 3 big brothers to watch out for us! A few months after we were adopted, I got sick with FSGS, I was 16 months old. FSGS caused my kidney’s filters to stop working, spilling proteins into my body and causing massive swelling. Because of the swelling I stopped walking, talking, playing, eating, smiling, and eventually I stopped breathing on my own and went on dialysis and life support. I almost didn’t make it, but I’m a fighter and had lots of people praying for me, and eventually with the help of lots of medications I was stable enough to go home.

I had 7 surgeries and 12 hospitalizations before my 3rd birthday and have taken over 40 different medications. My life has been hard, but thankfully today I am stable and for the most part enjoy a normal childhood. Because I have a rare disease, there is not a lot of research to help find treatments that will work and one day, a cure. Unfortunately I would be more likely to survive the most common form of childhood cancer than I would ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease), which is a common outcome for patients like me with FSGS.

With your help, we can raise funds for desperately needed research through the Nephcure Foundation, which is committed to giving 9 out of every 10 dollars raised specifically to research for FSGS and it’s less aggressive form, Nephrotic Syndrome.